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Over on our main site we're launching new courses in Italian, German and Mandarin Chinese. Our Coffee Break Italian and German Season 2 courses will help you take your learning to the next level.   Read more...

If you already know the basics of these languages you'll be able to build your understanding of the grammar and increase your vocabulary. Crucially, you'll learn to manipulate the language so that you can say what you want to say.   Coffee Break Italian Season 2 and   Coffee Break German Season 2 offer free audio lessons which can be downloaded from the website or as podcasts in iTunes. In addition there's a premium online course which features video lessons, bonus audio materials and extensive lesson notes.

We're also delighted to be launching a new Coffee Break language with the introduction of   Coffee Break Chinese. Join learner Mark and teacher Crystal and learn Mandarin Chinese in regular lessons. Again, the free audio lessons are available on our website or as a   podcast in iTunes, and there's a   premium online course offering videos, lesson notes and bonus audio to help you make faster progress.

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