Supporting Scottish students in the European Parliament

Earlier today 26 sixth year students from schools in Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire and South Ayrshire took the places of MEPs in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, to join 500 young people from 20 EU member states. Radio Lingua Schools has been working with representatives from local education departments for a number of years to support the activities, and throughout their time in Strasbourg the students took part in a range of language activities to help them prepare for the challenging day of multilingual debate in the hémicycle of the Parliament.

   8U4C5482The participating students had the chance to take the places of MEPs in the chamber and put their questions - in excellent French - to representatives of the Parliament. The afternoon saw a series of working groups taking place, and afterwards three of the Scottish students took on the prestigious role of rapporteur, reporting back to the assembly on their discussions.

Radio Lingua Schools would like to congratulate all the students who represented their schools and their country very well throughout the visit to Strasbourg.

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