Why Languages at St Modan's Stirling

“Why Languages?” presentation at St Modan’s, Stirling

Radio Lingua Director Mark Pentleton was at St Modan's in Stirling today, talking students from S2 to S6 about the opportunities offered by continuing to study languages. Having spent all of his professional life working with languages, Mark shared his experiences with students and talked about the opportunities he has had through speaking various languages to a greater or less extent. A key message of the day was that "a little language goes a long way", but the best experiences come from not worrying about making mistakes and enjoying communicating in other languages.

The day ended with the innovative Radio Lingua Schools Francophonie game show for S2 pupils, which raised awareness of French as it is spoken around the world, all within the context of a live game show which was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils who participated.


  • Linda McLean

    Reply Reply May 23, 2014

    Very excited about seeing your new High Five French website! Will certainly be encouraging my cluster primaries to purchase it and use it – particularly to develop Languages 1+2. I take it each individual primary would need a site license?
    Also we would love to have you in at Belmont to do a similar presentation on Why Languages ? and a game show activity. We are really struggling to push languages here and need a bit of outside help.

    How much do you charge for such a visit?


    • Hi Linda. Thanks for your message. Depending on the size of the cluster there are possibilities of discounts. We’re talking to South Ayrshire about various possibilities, but it’s perfectly possible for each school to purchase if they wish. Re the presentation/game show, we’ll get in touch via email.

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